A workshop for women who want to

feel better, get unstuck + Stop worrying

that they aren't enough

It's Time to STOP Feeling Like Shit

(and then beating yourself up for feeling like shit)

Do you...

​Want to be your “best self” but end up people-pleasing and lost in perfectionism?

Get tired of listening to the “mean girl” in your own head?

Want relationships that don’t drive you crazy?

Feel stuck because you're afraid of failing or don't know where to start?

Feel worn out from navigating drama at home or at work?

Want to be able to say “No” without feeling like a bitch?

If you answered YES to one (or all) of these questions,

you’re not alone, sis. 

We live in a world that sets impossible standards for women and then judges us for not living up to them. So how do we climb out of this shitstorm of ridiculous expectations and start to reclaim our lives?

Hint: It starts with getting out of your own way

so you can see things a little more clearly. 

Join us for a one-day, women’s workshop where you will:


- Recognize and calm your inner mean girl
- Identify your unconscious conditioning
& get the patriarchy

out of your head
- Set boundaries that work for you

- Take the work deeper with
guided visualization + hypnosis

throughout the day


What's Included

  • A full day of learning + coaching

  • Guided hypnosis journeys throughout the day

  • Custom workbook with extended take-home exercises

  • Lunch, drinks + snacks



Registration cost $125

Your Hosts

Jen Pavich

Jen Pavich is a feminist life coach who helps women overcome the patriarchy in their own heads so they can unleash their inner badass and thrive. 

Tara Martin

Tara Martin is the owner of Airó Hypnosis in Austin, Texas. Tara is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist with a passion for personal development, psychology, and neuroscience. More info at shehypnotizes.com

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Portraits by Tess Cagle                                                  Nature photos by Sean Pavich