Power Circle

Recover from Internalized Patriarchy

Feel Better

Ditch the Gaslighting + Step Into Your Power

Do you...

  • Want to step up to do bigger and braver things but find yourself exhausted from people-pleasing or struggling with perfectionism?


  • Read personal development books or look at self-help stuff online but feel like they're directed at someone in very different circumstances?

  • Feel stuck because you're afraid of failing or don't know where to start?


  • Feel exhausted from the emotion of navigating one complicated life situation after another?

  • Want to build genuine sisterhood and be part of a group of womxn that are supporting each other?







If you answered YES to one or all of these questions,

you are not alone, my friend.


Ready to make some changes?









This program is for womxn who:


  • Want to explore authenticity, vulnerability, courage, and connection.


  • Are ready and willing to make the time and space in their lives to do the work.


  • Want to learn how to get back up after a fall or setback without pretending or hiding, but with honesty and courage.


  • Are interested in being part of a small, supportive community of women who are also doing this work.


  • Want to learn to be less anxious, more confident, and kind to themselves.


Program details:


  • Eight weeks of weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions.

  • Individual attention within each session.

  • Email access for questions in between sessions.

Begins November 2019

Date/Time will be determined by the group before our first meeting

Investment:  $150 or 2 monthly payments of $75 

NOTE: Price above is a first-time-offered discount.  

This program will not be offered at this price again.