Start a Revolution

Your inner revolutionary has been locked away for too long.

It’s time to let her out.

Were you born with the soul of a revolutionary?


Maybe you were the kid with the big ideas and dreams.


You were big, bold, creative and not afraid to be yourself.

You were the one that was going to do something extraordinary.


How about now?

Do you look around at your life and wonder

where in the hell that girl went?

It started when you began getting the messages

about how to be a "nice girl". 


All of the things our culture told you

about looking pretty, being sweet,

and keeping your opinions to yourself.


Being perfect, achieving expectations,

playing smaller and by the rules.


All around you were the messages

from people, in school, in advertising. 

Messages that showed you that there was a feminine ideal

and that you – the real you

- was “just too much” if you wanted to live up to it.

Maybe this caused you to start hiding away

those parts of yourself that felt like they didn’t fit in

with what you were supposed to be.


Maybe you tried to change yourself

to live up to the expectations.


Maybe you focused on people pleasing and perfecting.


Maybe now you feel stuck in the vortex

of pretending that your life now

is enough for you but feeling guilty that it’s not.

Leaving pieces of yourself behind, hiding them from the world, is hard work – in fact, it’s downright exhausting, not to mention painful.

I know, because I’ve been there.


I’m guessing you’re here because you’re tired of numbing

the pain of disconnecting from yourself

– with shopping or alcohol or exercise or food or Netflix or whatever - and you're ready to make some changes.

It couldn't be more clear that now is when we need women

to step up, be big and brave, and lead.

I'm here to tell you that things can be different.

It's time to start a revolution.

  • Getting to truly know yourself, understanding what you desire and acting on it is an act of revolution

  • Looking at the whole picture of your life and figuring how to make it what you want is an act of revolution

  • Cultivating the courage to be vulnerable and show up in your life as exactly the person you are is an act of revolution

and Revolution changes everything...

Your relationships. Your work. Your spirit. Your life.

We 'll dig deep...


•    To help you own your story and stop judging yourself, so you can write your own ending

•    To uncover the particulars of your internalized messages of oppression and feminine conditioning

•    To explore new ways of looking at things and talking to yourself

•    To find new ways of taking care of yourself and learning what you need

•    To decide how you want to show up authentically and what you want to put into the world

•    To learn to use tools like vulnerability, courage and resilience

You + Me : the details


  • 1:1 coaching – we’ll meet 24 times over 6-8 months via phone or Zoom video to work through a bespoke, curriculum-based program to excavate your story and your desires, develop tools, skills, and resources to help you create the life you've been wishing for.

  • We'll discover more about who you are and what motivates you through a variety of assessments and exercises. 

  • We'll work through the Daring Greatly + Rising Strong™ processes and help you develop these tools for living, loving, and leading more authentically.

  • Homework assignments will support the work we do together. Plus, I'm always available between sessions via email for questions.

  • You'll have access to exclusive materials and recordings that I've developed to help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and develop strong self-care practices.

  • You'll receive copies of both the Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ workbooks in the mail​, along with a few surprises to help you stay motivated!

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