Tarot Readings

Seventy-eight cards, thousands of decks, and endless interpretations. The history and practice of Tarot reading is much debated and often misunderstood. To me, Tarot is less about determining the future and more about getting a picture of the energy that's surrounding you right now. By exploring that picture, you can learn more about yourself, your life and your options to shift that energy and create what you desire.

How I work with the cards


I approach the cards from a place of personal growth.  I use the reading to help clients expand their perspective, clarify their options and shift the energy around particular areas of their lives.

My relationship with the cards comes from my own interpretation of each, which is based on a blend of different traditions, wisdom from my gifted teachers and my own intuition.


What to expect in your reading

My readings normally take 30-40 minutes and I work through Zoom so that we can see each other  and you can see the cards. We’ll start by discussing whether you have a particular topic or question that you want to focus on.


I’ll use a full spread (10+ cards) and walk you through each card in the spread, discussing what each may mean for you and how they relate to each other and to their placement in the spread. I may ask you some coaching questions along the way to help us gain deeper understanding of your situation.

$45 per session


Tara M.

I'm so glad I opted for Jen's tarot reading! By using the cards, Jen was able to identify some underlying and coachable issues that I hadn't even considered.


I came away with a plan of action and a renewed confidence. Thanks, Jen!