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© Jen Pavich 2018 

Portraits by Tess Cagle                                                  Nature photos by Sean Pavich


Are you drowning in a sea of unmanageable expectations?


Trying to ignore the world around you because you feel powerless?


Do you just want to feel better but don't know how to get there?



Some days you want to burn everything to the ground and start over.


I hear you and I've been there.


But there is another way.

What Fires You Up?

What makes your heart skip a beat? What lights a fire in your belly?


What would you be pursuing with an unstoppable passion

if only you didn’t have to pay the bills, or take care of the people,

or give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks about you?

Maybe you really want to be an artist. Or an activist. Or a CEO.

Or something you haven't even figured out yet.


Maybe you left behind a piece of yourself a while back,

like a crying baby by the side of the highway

as you motored off down the road of having to meet the expectations

of other people (or our culture in general).


Maybe you don't know exactly what it is.

But you still hear it crying in the middle of the night

when you can’t sleep.

What do you wish you were doing

as you struggle to do all of the things, 

wondering what other people think,

worrying that they're judging you?



How long have you played this game?

Of apologizing for or hiding who you really are

and trying to jettison the parts of you that don’t

fit into the suffocating mold of ‘womanhood’? 


Of thinking that if you could just be

nice and pretty and polite and giving and perfect enough 

and believing that if you could just actually learn

to please all of the people all of the time, 

then maybe, just maybe,

you'll get a shot at what you want. 

The game of hoping that if you do it just right it will be enough

to quiet that voice in the back of your mind.

The one that used to sound like a crying baby

and is starting to feel like a roar that shakes the earth.


The one screaming "WHAT ABOUT ME? I’M STILL HERE!"

What if you could

Be unapologetically you.

Get to know and trust yourself so you can access your inner wisdom.

Gain confidence to express who you are and what you want.

Start pursuing a life that you feel passionate about.



Maybe it's time to stop hoping for rescue and 

become your own fucking fairy godmother

I'm Jen Pavich

I believe that wise, strong women can change the world, but we have to get out of our own way first.  


I help my clients overcome all of the bullshit in their heads so we can get to the root of who they are and what they want.

This is the work of smashing the patriarchy.

you don't need a hero or a savior, but you could probably use an ally.

Cindy W.

"Jen is an amazing and insightful coach with a perfect mix of empathy and motivation in her coaching. I experienced several transforming realizations while working with her and have made significant changes in my life as a result."

Tara M.

"When I started working with Jen, she guided me through the process of recognizing my patterns and helped me to make the connections that ultimately brought me to a much greater success level than I had ever anticipated."