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Welcome! I'm Jen.

I'm a Feminist Leadership Coach and I help women harness their power and overcome cultural roadblocks so that they can live, love and lead on their terms.

I believe brave and badass women will change the world, but we have to get out of our own way first. 

What if you could...

Be unapologetically authentic.

Get to know and trust yourself so you can access your inner wisdom.

Lead from a place of grounded confidence to increase your impact.

Make your approach more sustainable so you have time to live a life you love.

 Sound too good to be true? It's NOT.


Maybe it's time to become your own fucking fairy godmother. I can help with that.

you don't need a hero or a savior, but you could probably use an ally.

Cindy W.

"Jen is an amazing and insightful coach with a perfect mix of empathy and motivation in her coaching. I experienced several transforming realizations while working with her and have made significant changes in my life as a result."

Tara M.

"When I started working with Jen, she guided me through the process of recognizing my patterns and helped me to make the connections that ultimately brought me to a much greater success level than I had ever anticipated."

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