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Raise your hand if... 


  • Your life is pretty good “on paper” - but you find yourself wondering “Is this it?”

  • Friends describe you as successful but when you look at your accomplishments all you see are things you could have done better.

  • You know you have more potential but the thought of leaning in and playing bigger makes you feel anxious or exhausted.

  • You'd need a 26-hour day to fit everything in but even if you had more time, you might still be binging Netflix instead of whatever you’re "supposed to" be doing.

Are you haunted by a bitchy voice from inside your head

telling you that you just need to be more organized, work harder

and just get your shit together already? 

Maybe you replay conversations you’ve had or things you’ve done on a loop, wishing you’d done things differently.


Or do you keep procrastinating and putting things off because starting something new feels paralyzing?


It's not just you. 

The world tells us that if we just do more yoga, organize our closets, stick to the right diet plan and #practicegratitude, we’ll be happy and fulfilled. All we have to do is work a little harder and hustle a bit more.

We’re taught that if you’re not happy and successful and fulfilled, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough.

What a load of bullshit.

Women have been sold the idea that we can be happy if we just figure out how to do more when the fact is that many of us are doing PLENTY. 

The Instagrammable life we often feel pressured to pursue is based on a smokescreen of privilege, patriarchy and perfectionism.


It isn’t real and pursuing it is like chasing a toxic unicorn.

We live in a culture that diminishes women and our accomplishments. This makes us feel like we’re not enough and like we don’t really deserve the good things in our lives – like they might be taken away at any moment once we’re found out.


Cultural BS is a systemic issue

but you can still step into your power and create an amazing life. 


You can build up your resilience to recognize how what's going on for you and what you can do about it.

There’s a lot we can do with our internal mindset. Working to uncover the internal barriers and cultural programming that are holding you back can help you develop new, more helpful habits.  

With practice, you can form new neurological pathways in your brain and, over time, transform the way you think and feel, reduce anxiety and make it easier to manage your emotions. It takes work, but the results can feel downright magical.

Some of this work can certainly be done on your own. There's an entire industry devoted to personal development and self-help with tons of amazing resources. You know this already.

But, maybe you need a boost.

The fact is, you’re here. And I can help.

I help women identify and overcome the bullshit that is keeping them stuck in their lives. 

With my clients, I hold a sacred space to make peace with themselves, talk about what scares the hell out of them and clear what’s holding them back.  My process is a blend of wholehearted empathy, intuitive questioning, kick-ass motivation, and sprinkle of magic that allows clients to access their feminine wisdom and build their inner reserves.


"When I signed up to work with Jen, I didn't know who I was anymore. But Jen  made me realize that it was my inner critic that was killing me and that I needed to address it right away. She was interested in what I had to say and always had a way to address the problem. Thank you Jen - my life has turned around in a great way!"

- Erickia W.

Here's how it works


  • 1:1 coaching sessions – we’ll meet 16 times over a total of 4-5 months to talk about YOU and focus on how to create some breathing space in your life so you can start feeling better and making the changes that you choose. Meetings are virtual (Zoom) or in-person in Austin, TX.

  • We'll delve into research-based tools, practices and exercises that will help you learn new strategies for overcoming anxiety, leveling up your goals and breaking out of unhelpful patterns. I'll hold you gently accountable for the commitments you make to yourself. 

  • You'll have access to exclusive materials and recordings.

  • Homework assignments that we agree on together will support your work. Plus, I'm always available between sessions via email for questions.


$2800 or 4 payments of $710


Please note that pricing is in US currency and that extended payment arrangements may be  available upon request.

"Working with Jen raised my awareness of the stories that I rumble with and how I can get stuck in those stories.  I learned to be self compassionate, to be a loving witness to all of my feelings, to be curious and not get stuck in shame which is when I avoid, freeze, or lash out. 

- Lynne C.

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