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Green and Purple Succulents

Who you are is how you lead.

The world needs powerful women leaders, now more than ever.  


Across every sector, the modern workplace is broken. Although more women are in executive leadership roles than ever before, they continue to face additional challenges that their male counterparts don’t have to contend with:

  • Ageism in the workplace (at every age)

  • Being the only woman in the room or on the leadership team

  • Impostor syndrome stemming from an unclear career path

  • Navigating office politics loaded with gendered cultural expectations

These challenges can lead to a cycle of overcommitment, overworking, and constantly hustling for a sense of self worth. This cycle negatively impacts, not only your mental and physical health, but your ability to be strategic and intentional in your career path.

In other words: It’s hard to create meaningful impact when you’re teetering on the edge of burnout. 

I work with ambitious, high achieving women who want to create meaningful impact in their work and life. 

When you align your intentions, values and actions, you get to show up powerfully in your work and life. Courage, authenticity, balance, and confidence aren't mythical qualities you're born with - they're skill sets you can develop through practice.

I work with each of my clients to develop a bespoke program that is tailored to their individual goals, experience and career path. We’ll begin with a leadership assessment and values clarification. Then I'll help you build skills and practices by working through real time decisions and challenges that come up in your life and leadership.  

Common areas of exploration include:

  • Assessing impact

  • Giving & receiving feedback

  • Communication and relationships

  • Implementing DEIB principles and policies

  • Avoiding burnout & building resilience

  • Creating culture change

  • Recovering from setbacks

  • Boundaries and accountability

Ready to get started?

Headshot of Cindy.

Cindy W.

"Jen is an amazing and insightful coach with a perfect mix of empathy and motivation in her coaching. I experienced several transforming realizations while working with her and have made significant changes in my life as a result."

Headshot of Tara, smiling with sunglasses.

Tara M.

"When I started working with Jen, she guided me through the process of recognizing my patterns and helped me to make the connections that ultimately brought me to a much greater success level than I had ever anticipated."

Leadership Coaching Package:


  • 24 coaching sessions over six months to help you deepen your self-awareness, operationalize your values, put your courageous leadership skills into action, and increase your impact.  Meetings are virtual (Zoom) or in-person in Austin, TX.

  • We'll start with a leadership and values assessment.

  • Next, we'll delve into research-based tools, practices and exercises that will help you learn new strategies for managing stress, leveling up your goals and breaking out of unhelpful patterns. 

  • You'll have access to exclusive materials and recordings.

  • Homework assignments that we agree on together will support your work. Plus, I'm always available between sessions via email for questions.

Investment: $6000 or $1020 monthly for 6 months

Please note that pricing is in USD. Extended payment options may be available upon request.

Experience & Credentials

So, what makes me qualified to do this work? Great question!


I've held leadership roles in corporate, education, policy, and nonprofit organizations, as well as on a variety of nonprofit boards, including YWCA of Greater Austin and the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Currently, I'm serving on the board of The New Philanthropists


I'm passionate about empowering leaders to lean into brave and authentic leadership. My experience in advocacy and policy work has enabled me to take part in courageous conversations about social and economic justice, equity, and anti-racism for more than a decade.


Now for the alphabet soup: I'm a certified professional coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have an MA in Human Development and a Graduate Certificate of Nonprofit Management. I'm also both a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator  and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator through the Brené Brown Education and Research Group (BBEARG).

Headshot of Jen Pavich, outdoors leaning against a brick wall.

Want to learn more about working with me?

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