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Self-exploration through Creativity with Susie Stonefield Miller

In this episode, I'm talking with artist, expressive arts guide and creativepreneur Susie Stonefield Miller about creativity as a medium for personal growth.

About Susie

Susie can be the midwife to your creative spirit! In both online and in-person programs Susie holds space for transformation through creativity. She accompanies clients on the deep dives of life.

Susie helps clients focus on the process, not on the product, digging into the rich soil of relationship with your soul and your shadow because, that’s exactly where the silver linings of life hide. The roots of your truth.

Susie is all about the messy middle of transformation. The goo inside the chrysalis. No longer

caterpillar, but not yet butterfly. She wants you to spread your gorgeous wings, but knows how hard the journey to that moment is.

And before you get there, you have to do the work.

The work of the goo.

Working with Susie is like having a guide for that journey of transmutation. Someone to hang out with you in the chrysalis. We all want to be transformed, but do we want to do that

alone? No, of course not.

Susie know the path well, having transformed her own life and learned to tell her truth through the power of creativity.

Susie is a certified person-centered expressive arts facilitator and a lifelong artist. She's a 4 on the Enneagram (no surprise there!) and she lives and works in Northern California. Susie also has a real life art haven in the wine country where she teaches art journaling and holds retreats.

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