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Burnout is Actually a Cultural Problem with guest Felicia Baucom

Guest Felicia Baucom joins me to talk about how our culture puts on on the path toward burnout and what we can do about it.

About Felicia

Felicia Baucom is a certified coach and mentor. She specializes in helping women get off the train that’s hurtling towards burnout.

Felicia helps women redesign their lives so that they can protect themselves from the effects of stress and overwhelm, and have a life that is filled with joy and satisfaction on their own terms. And without having to burn their existing life to the ground… unless they want to.

Felicia do this through one-on-one coaching and corporate workshops. She integrates her knowledge of systemic issues with personal development so that clients understand how they both interact and create conditions for burnout. She looks at the root causes and develops strategies to navigate the world with more confidence and ease, and create a more sustainable life.

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