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Embracing Neurodiversity + Redefining Leadership with guest Sarah Bishop

In this episode, I'm talking with Sarah Bishop about how neurodiverse women can embrace their brilliance and find success without succumbing to overwhelm.

About Sarah

Sarah Bishop is a leader, a coach, a change worker. Her Hogwarts house would be Hufflepuff and her favourite Doctor is Ten. She lives on the North West of England coastline with her (absolutely adorable) dog Mabel. As well as being the founder of This Balanced Life and doing change-work and coaching with folk, Sarah is also a full time deputy head teacher - the UK equivalent of a vice-principal. She's been a senior leader in education for ten years and worked across 5 different settings. Sarah is also an associate writer on a mental health curriculum for adolescents.

As a "tick-a-bit-differently" female, Sarah has had to find ways to do working life and leadership her way and that has meant meandering away from the traditional path to find tools to best support her. That led her to becoming a master practitioner in NLP, a qualified hypnotherapist and a reiki practitioner. Sarah weaves those frameworks and skills into her change-work and coaching, as well as using them to supporting her in showing up as fully as she can as a leader.

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