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Healing the World Through Our Ancestors with guest Darla Antoine

In this episode, I talk with Darla Antoine about connecting with the nature and healing the earth, and ourselves, through our ancestors.

About Darla

Darla Antoine, MA (Costa Rica) believes that food is an overlooked or forgotten vessel for ancestral and spiritual re-membering. She has an MA in Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico where she researched how food creates and sustains our cultural lineages and legacies. Darla is an enrolled Okanagan tribal member and grew up in her ancestral homelands in Washington State and now lives on a high mountain farm in Costa Rica. Giving her kids roots where she is rootless has motivated her work in ancestral healing as well as other land-based spiritual work.

Check out and download Darla's Ancestral Reverence Mini-Course and Reclaiming the Sacred Technology of Food Master Class Series, both available here:

Follow Darla on Instagram:  @darlaantoine

Music credit: Pretend by Malyssa Bellarosa is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.



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