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Speaking While Female + Running for Office with Talan Tyminski

In this episode, I'm talking with speech coach Talan Tyminski about competitive public speaking, running for office and how we perceive women when they're speaking in public.

About Talan

From speech impediment to presentation champ, Talan worked through her own shyness and anxiety to compete as a nationally ranked public speaker for eight years. She loved it enough to stick around and coach both competitively and professionally. She earned her Master's in political communication from Texas State University and works in Texas politics.

From her graduate studies to independent coaching, Talan loves working with women in politics and helping them find their voice. She is an active member of Executive Women in Texas Government and most recently worked with Danielle Skidmore on her campaign for Austin City Council.  Her passions include snuggling with her one-eyed pug and taste testing iced coffees. 

Learn more and follow Talan:

Pitch ATX - public speaking coaching for women and non-binary professionals



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