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The Myths of Motherhood with Graeme Seabrook

This week, I'm talking with coach and speaker Graeme Seabrook about motherhood and the myths that surround it. We dive into the experience of motherhood, the expectations that seem to come with being a mother, how our culture is failing mothers and what we can do about it.

About Graeme

Graeme Seabrook is a writer, speaker and founder of The Mom Center, an online support community for mothers. Graeme is passionate about helping mothers transform their experience of motherhood. She writes and speaks about postpartum mental illness, recovering from recovery, the myth of work-life balance, and mother-centered motherhood. Graeme believes a mom's experience of motherhood is just as important as a child's experience of childhood.

Graeme facilitates groups online and offline, advocates for maternal mental health at national conferences, and works with mothers around the world to transform their motherhood experience. Graeme is an internationally-certified life coach (ICF) and is also trained in Mental Health First Aid and Peer Support.

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